Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Feels Like Today

Today. What does it feel like for you? For me it feels like a Rascal Flatts song. :) Well, not really but it does feel like a bit of gorgeousness outside and happiness inside where we all are happy about the outside yet have plans to be inside for the rest of the day. Unless we completely buck the system and take our desks outside. But until I can find someone to move my heavy desk, I will just give you a bit of how my today is going to go. Unless it doesn't.

Today. I am going to eat better........and less. Today. I am going to think better.....and less selfishly.
Today. I am going to do something that goes beyond the norm......I just don't know what yet. Today. I am going to challenge myself in some way......just not so it make me sore. :) Today. I am going to listen only to the positive things that make themselves known in my life and forget the negative things that place themselves in my path.....unless they lead to something positive, which I doubt. Today. I am going to Sam's. Once again, to buy lots of food for a lunch that I will cooking for on Thursday. Today. I will cook. Again. Which I love to do. Today. I am hungry. Today. Now.

Tomorrow. I will post a recipe of something to cook for fall.

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