Monday, January 24, 2011

A Little Recipe For Ya

General attitude: whatever
Weight loss: I refuse to get on a scale.

I have a bit of a recipe I want to throw out into the world.....I have never made this but I am going to.....just got it from my b-in-l...and he said it is delicious and I tend to trust his judgement...somewhat.

I need a name for it...I am sure it has one but he didn't give me that sooooo...
I guess I will give the recipe and then name it whatever pops into my little brain, and I do mean little.

Fresh tuna (1 inch cubes)
roasted sesame seeds
soy sauce
green onions
olive oil

Toss all ingredients together and put into the fridge overnight.....the chemicals in this combo somehow "cook" the tuna. Serve however you like....he did not tell me how to serve it but I bet it wold be good in those rice paper rolls that Josette and I love....or even in a lettuce wrap with the cellophane noodle thingys......oooh or on a salad with a spicy asian dressing......mmmm now I am hungry again.


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